Product #     Description                 Price

5810800             Wall Rack 31"                     $173
5811600             Wall Rack 63"                     $270
Product #     Description                Price

5812500             Wall Unit 8"                        $53
Product #     Description                Price

  ​MC33                Metro Cart                        $683

The Metro Transport Cart utilizes industry standard wire style shelving for use with Jalema products. Jalema bars are installed into the cart for a more rugged yet clean look. Custom sizes and larger wheels are available. Bar assemblies can also be ordered for existing cart/racks.

(36"W x 18"D x 63"H)  

Wall Racks Ideal for smaller filing systems near the work space. It provides you with a number of files within easy reach. Come in standard 31" and 63" lengths and attached to most any wall structure. Custom lengths are also available. Wall racks hold up to 25" width files/jobs.

Product #     Description                Price

6431200               Table Arm                was $258 

​                                                             now $125
Metro Transport Cart 
Wall Unit
Table Arm 
Wall Rack

Table Arms are used for tables and work areas where a wall is not available.

Z-Line Rack
Offset Rack Base/ Base & Top
Basic Uni-Rack

Jalema racks are available in different styles for work-in-progress and archive applications. Blueprint storage is more space efficient when compared to a flat file cabinet.

  • When the job is active, simply hang the blueprints (that have been attached to one of the Jalema clamps or staple strips) on a wall rack, 8" wall unit, table arm or mobile cart for easy accessibility.

  • When the job is completed and ready to be archived, you can hang the drawings in a Jalema high-density rack for the ultimate in space efficiency. Jalema brackets and custom cut bars allow you to retrofit the bar assembly into existing cabinets, racks and other structures as well.

This combination of hardware options makes Jalema blueprint filing systems the most flexible and space efficient system available for blueprint storage.

Jalema Racks and Carts

Product #     Description                Price

6480500            Offset Rack base               $508
6481000            Offset Rack top                  $503
Add-on Extensions

Picture shown with 3 level Rack linked to 2 level Extension

For Active Jobs:

Z-Line industrial racks are used for up to 36"x48" drawings (36"Wx36"D) and are available in a single level (72"H) or double level (120"H) rack.

Product #     Description                  Price

3636072            Z-Line 1-level Rack               $660
3636120            Z-Line 2-level Rack               $892 
Note: Call to place order

Duo-Profile "T" Bars are the special bars in  which the files are hung via the patented Jalema Hook.  The bars are pre-cut to fit existing Jalema Uni-Racks. Each set is supplied with complete assembly hardware.


Image of Rack Base 

An Offset Rack is available for filing the largest Uni and Repro file formats. The maximum evenly distributed load is 550 lbs. This base holds the equivalent of a 15-drawer blue print cabinet.

There is also a stackable version (top) available for the Offset rack, which allows you to store twice the number of files in the same floor space.

Note: A 10 foot high clearance is needed and the racks must be fastened to the wall and/or floor.

Picture shown with 3 level Rack linked to 2 level Extension

Profile "T" Bars
Image of Rack Base and Rack Top
Product #     Description                     Price

Add-on 15" Extension  Dimensions: 38 1/2" W x 15 1/2" D x 89 5/8" H
6440500                Extension Unit w/ no bars                    $330
6440502                Extension Unit w/ 2 bars                      $486
6440503                Extension Unit w/ 3 bars                      $557
6440504                Extension Unit w/ 4 bars                      $620

Add-on 21" Extension Dimensions: 38 1/2" W x 21 5/8"" D x 89 5/8" H
6455500               Extension Unit w/ no bars                      $344
6455502               Extension Unit w/ 2 bars                        $500
6455503               Extension Unit w/ 3 bars                        $572
6455504              Extension Unit w/ 4 bars                         $635

Profile Bars can be ordered separately**


For Archiving Jobs:

Jalema Uni Racks are suitable for Job- and Repro-files. These modular Racks can be expanded next to each other in an unlimited quantity. Each profile bar can be adjusted in height every 1.2 in. The maximum evenly distributed load is 440 lbs per profile/bar. Jalema offers two types of Uni racks: racks of 15.7 in depth designed for files up to 15x18" in and racks with a depth of 21.7 in which are suitable for files up to 25x37". A special rack is available for A4 files, which can fit up to six rows. Others racks available for files up to 34x43".

Call us for details.


Side Bracket for cabinets with slotted side panels. 9 - 13" Deep

A Wall-Unit is especially useful if placed next to the work space. The small wall unit takes up little space, can be attached to almost any type of wall and has a profile length of 7.8 in.


Jalema can help save time, space and money by expanding your current basic rack with an added extension.  These Extension units are ideal when additional filing is required.  Each unit offers one upright frame. One end of the bar connects to the single upright while the other end links to your basic Rack.  

Wooden Brackets and  Duo- profile T bars  can be cut to accommodate custom installations. Brackets for wood/metal cabinets attach to the custom cut bars (up to 40") and can be installed in existing cabinets, racks, closets, etc.

Product #     Description                        Price
A: 8624000           Combi-Clip (each)                       $15
Combi-Clip Holds Bar to existing Rack
B: 5801900           Wood Brackets (pair)                  $19

C: 5803300           Side Expend Bracket 9 - 13"       $43
Product #     Description                  Price

​6460200        Set of 2 Duo-Profile bars           $157
6460300        Set of 3 Duo-Profile bars           $227
6460400        Set of 4 Duo-Profile bars           $290 
Note: Sets include Bars, Combi-Clip bracket and bolts.

* 9705300       Duo-profile T-bar (per meter)      $60

Can be cut to any length up to 5 meters. Add $5 per cut.

Product #     Description                     Price
Basic 15" Rack Dimensions: 39 3/8" W x 15 3/4" D x 89 5/8" H
6440000            Uni-rack Basic w/ no bars                    $525
6440002            Uni-rack Basic w/2  bars                      $682

​6440003            Uni-rack Basic w/3  bars                      $752
6440004            Uni-rack Basic w/4  bars                      $815

Basic 21" Rack  Dimensions: 39 3/8" W x 21 5/8" D x 89 5/8"H
6455000                Uni-rack Basic w/ no bars                  $539
6455002                Uni-rack Basic w/ 2 bars                    $695
6455003                Uni-rack Basic w/ 3 bars                    $766
6455004                Uni-Rack Basic w/ 4 bars                   $829

Profile Bars can be ordered separately**