Product #     Description            Packaging         Price

22661-BL          Pro-File15" x 18"           Box of 10 Black       Call
22662-BL          Pro-File 20" x 16"          Box of 10 Black        Call
22663-WH        Pro-File 21" x 25"           Box of 10 White       Call

Pro-File is tough durable polypropyline material for protecting material from light and other harmful elements. A protective flap keeps contents secure. Comes with staggered labeling and hooks for hanging inside cabinets if needed. (First dimension is top open side.)

The black files can be used for storing photopolymer plates and storing printed circuit board material. Available in white/clear in limited sizes.

Product #     Description                             Packaging      Price

6000-E            Vinyl envelope holds 12" x 17"             Box of 25                 $ 70
6010-E            Vinyl envelope holds 16 ¾
" x 21"         Box of 25                $110

6008-E            Vinyl envelope holds 20" x 25"             Box of 25                $150
6002-E            Vinyl envelope holds 29 ¾
"x 25"         Box of 25           $206.25

6003-E            Vinyl envelope holds 29" x 38"             Box of 10                $170

Vinyl Envelopes each 8 gauge large vinyl envelope has a front facing opening flap secured with Velcro. They come with hooks for hanging on racks if needed. View Racks and Carts to see hanging options.

Product #   Description                                     Packaging      Price

22628              CarryAll File 18" x 15" Large Job Jacket     Box of 10             $125

CarryAll Files are transparent large job jackets with 5 pockets that hold proofs, prints, job tickets, CD's and other print production material. They are made from durable low static 12 mil vinyl with CopyGard to protect against copy lifting and ink migration. Stiff enough to stand on it's own, this heavy duty large job jacket protects both film and paper from bending and curling. The protective closure is a soft flap with a Velcro fastener. Available in 18"x15" size.

Job Jackets made of a vinyl material are available in several sizes for work-in-progress. Oversized plastic job jackets are ideal for prints, samples, and work orders in prepress departments. It can also be used for art storage and management.

Large Job Jackets

Product #     Description                     Packaging      Price

22536               14" x 17" Large Job Jacket       Box of 25              $30
22538               18" x 15" Large Job Jacket       
Box of 25              $35
22540               21" x 15" Large Job Jacket       
Box of 25              $40
22542               15" x 21" Large Job Jacket       
Box of 25              $45

Large Job Jackets are made of heavy-duty 7 mil. translucent polypropylene and are used for jobs in progress. Oversized job jackets are available in BLACK only and come in 4 different sizes. Oversized plastic job jackets are ideal for  managing prints, samples, and work orders in the printing industry.

Job Jacket

Vinyl Envelopes
CarryAll Files