Collective file w/ gusset
Product #      Description                                                            Packaging      Price

5305000              Collective file w/ 1 expandable gusset 14"x18" capacity          Box of 70              $369

Screenprint file w/ 2 pocket
Product #      Description                                                    Packaging      Price

5350075               Screenprint file w/ 1 pocket 14"x17" capacity               Box of 100            $299
5350675               Screenprint file w/ 2 pocket 14"x17" capacity               Box of 80              $340

Design File w/ 2 gussets
Product #     Description                                                                    Packaging        Price

5205002             Design File w/ 2 (1.25") expandable gussets 18"x22" capacity          Box of 50               $466

Repro-files w/ 2 pocket
Product #     Description                                                      Packaging      Price

5225807             Repro-files w/ 2 pocket (335 gm) 10"x16" capacity          Box of 50              $237
5237807             Repro-files
w/ 2 pocket (335 gm) 15"x18" capacity          Box of 50              $278
5242807             Repro-files
w/ 2 pocket (335 gm) 17"x21" capacity          Box of 50              $314
5255807             Repro-files
w/ 2 pocket (335 gm) 22"x26" capacity          Box of 50              $500
Product #     Description                                                 Packaging      Price

5225200           Job-files w/ 2 pocket (230gm) 10"x16" capacity           Box of 50             $178
5237200           Job-files
w/ 2 pocket (230gm) 15"x18" capacity           Box of 50             $211
5242200           Job-files
w/ 2 pocket (230gm) 17"x21" capacity           Box of 50             $232
5246200           Job-files
w/ 2 pocket (230gm) 18"x21" capacity           Box of 50             $247
5255200           Job-files
w/ 2 pocket(230gm) 22"x26" capacity           Box of 50             $371

5262200          Job-files w/ 2 pocket(300gm) 25"x30" capacity             Box of 50             $536
5270675          Job-files w/ 1 pocket(300gm) 25"x37" capacity             Box of 25             $317
5280000          Job-files w/ 1 pocket(300gm) 32"x41" capacity             Box of 25             $469
5280675          Job-files w/ 1 pocket(300gm) 34"x43" capacity             Box of 25             $541
Job-files w/ 2 pocket

Jalema oversized hanging files are great for storing film, storing flexo plates, storing artwork, storing dies and other large material. Oversized envelopes are ideal for film storage, flexo plate storage, art storage, dies storage, etc. Flexo plate storage has never been easier and more economical.

  •  Job files were specially developed to prevent damage, like dust, creases, folds and scratches. These file folders feature both a normal pocket and second pocket with a dust flap. In this way, you can keep your films dust-free and separate from other working materials while filing them as a single project in a single file. The formats are tailored to the most common printing press formats.

  • Repro-Files are a sturdier, stronger version of the Job-files file folders. They are constructed of heavier cardboard (335-gram pressboard). Like the Job-files, the Repro-files incorporate a two-pocket design, with a dust flap protecting one pocket. Designed specifically for more rigorous filing demands or as a reusable job jacket. 

  • Design filesScreenprint files and Collective files are open hanging files. 

Jalema racks and carts allow you to hang files almost anywhere.

Large files hang on special T-bars that can be installed into Jalema hardware or other cabinets and structures.

View our T-bars, racks and carts here!

Jalema Hanging Files