Product #      Description                                                                   Packaging      Price

5755500              JalemaClip complete (3-piece) yellow retail box                              100/pk                      $44
5757801              JalemaClip complete (3-piece) yellow bulk                                      100/pk                      $42
5757802              JalemaClip complete (3-piece) blue bulk                                         100/pk                      $42
5750000              JalemaClip complete (3-piece) yellow "tube clip" non-adhesive      100/pk                      $24
E6589-3H            JalemaClip complete (3-piece) 3-prong                                             50/pk                      $57
5758000              JalemaClip complete (3-piece) with File-Lifter                                   25/pk                      $15
S88811                JalemaClip complete 3 prong (3-piece) with File-Lifter                     25/pk                      $15

                            Individual Components
5757800              Adhesive base w/ tube (yellow)                                                       100/pk                       $26
5757818              Adhesive base w/ tube (white)                                                         100/pk                       $26

5757700              Extension piece (white)                                                                   100/pk                         $9
5757702              Extension piece (blue)                                                                     100/pk                         $9

5757600              Compressor bar (yellow)                                                                  100/pk                      $11
5757602              Compressor bar (blue)                                                                     100/pk                      $11

​Jalema Clip

The JalemaClip is a flexible attachment mechanism that has become an unparalleled success thanks to its high-quality characteristics. The JalemaClip is ideal for bundling all sizes and types of documents.
Available in 2 3/4" and 8mm sizes (call for information on metric Clips).

The JalemaClip with the self-adhesive base can be applied to any file folder and allows you to leaf through the file like a book, add and remove pages without disturbing the rest of the file and make clean copies without removing the pages. The JalemaClip is available in standard yellow and blue as well as other combinations.  This product is also referred to as the  MediClip, Space-Clip, DocuClip, EasiClip, ClipnSort, and Flexible filing mechanism..

Make clean copies w/o removing pages.

Tube Clip allows you to store documents for archiving.

3-Prong JalemaClip turns any file folder into

a 3-ring binder.