Grafi-system... efficient and cost effective filing.

For an alternative to flat files, Jalema provides the most versatile filing system for the Graphic Arts Industry. Film, hard copy proofs, drawings, samples, job tickets, plates (offset and flexo), CDs and all types of digital storage media are valuable materials that require protection and easy accessibility. In the dynamics of the graphic arts industry, such materials need to be stored and retrieved quickly and safely.

The Grafi-System from Jalema was developed for this very purpose. It is an integrated vertical filing system specifically designed to meet the demands and desires of the graphic arts industry. The Grafi-System is the perfect filing solution for the entire graphic arts process, from concept to printing. With the Grafi-System, locating, removing, and replacing materials can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Further, because the files are suspended laterally on a profile-bar, the Grafi-System saves valuable floor space and offers a perfect alternative to traditional flat files.

Graphic Arts Filing