The Jalema Jockey is a universal label holder that fits on every file and is placed in holes that you make with a perforator. Most Jalema files come pre-punched. The list of contents can be quickly and easily printed on indication strips (included). The label holders come in boxes of 50. It is also possible to use color coding together with label holders. With this option, you print your design on the indication strips using the Code in One on Demand software program. Individual Jockey color labels are also available (numbers and letters), which can be easily adhered to the strip. You can also make use of Jalema’s Jockey Code in One Service. This means that we design and print the labels for you. The Jockey is also ideal for bundling 10 to 15 sheets of paper, such as a group of offers or documentation.

Color Codetabs

Codetabs are laminated, self-adhesive colored tabs that are available either blank or with numbers, letters, years. All files (with the exception of the 840 x 1100 mm format) come with a coding strip consisting of six sections of 26 mm each and one of 21 mm. The Codetabs are adhered to these sections, thus creating an efficient coding system. You can code your files using a variety of methods, such as consecutive numbering, alphabetically or based on order or job numbers.

Jalema Jockey- 7cm

Color coding can result in 40% less searching time. Files are better organized, it saves time and lost files are a thing of the past! Self-adhesive color Codetabs affixed to the files help prevent “misfiling”. Any file hung up in the wrong place will immediately stand out as the colors on the Codetabs do not match. The Jalema Jockey is a universal plastic label holder that fits on almost every file. Easy to attach by using punch holes made with a perforator. Self-adhesive label holders can be attached on the edge of the file. This can be done so that the information is visible from the side or the top of the file.

Coding (Color)